Intro: A#

A#            D      G
He´s a victim of his own time
         D#       D        F
In his "vintage suit" and tie
He´s a casualty dressed to the teeth
In the latest genocide

The new seasons come and go
At the dog and pony show
Gonna sit and beg and fetch the names
And follow the dress code

She´s a scented magazine
Looking sharp and living clean
Living well and dressed to kill
But she looks like hell to me

When you´re dancing through your wardrobe
Do the anorex - a go-go
Cloaked with style
For paedophiles as the credit card explodes

Chorus: X2

          C                 G#
When you auctioned off you life
For the "most" expensive price
Going once
Going twice
 G           F
Now it´s gone

What´s in a name, hey?
What´s in a name, hey?
What´s in a name?

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