From: [email protected]
 From: [email protected]
 Here is yet another awesome Green Day song from Kerplunk! that was posted in an ftp, but it was missing key parts needed to play the song, so I have added them so you can play the whole song. This is NOT IN STANDARD TUNING!!! If you want to play it right you HAVE TO tune down a half step, because the E is open.(looks best in Courier)
 Intro: B B F# G# F#   Play that 4x for intro
 Verse 1:
   B    F#
 I sit alone in my bedroom
 B              F#
 Staring at the walls
      B       F#
 I've been up all damn night long
 B                    F#
 My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning
 G#                   B
 I hold my breath and close my eyes	 ----play-this-twice--------
 G#              F#                  ---------------------------
 And dream about her...			           --34-4-4--34-4-4---------
 E             F#              *===>	--34-4-4--34-4-4---------
 Cause she's 2000 light years away 	 --12-2-2--12-2-2---------
 G#               B                  --12-2-2--12-2-2---------
 She holds my malakite so tight so
 A	     F#
 Never let go...
 E            F#               B B F# G# F# (4x)
 Cause she's 2000 light years away
 Verse 2:
   B                         F#
 I sit outside and watch the sunrise
 B                   F#
 Lookout as far as I can
   B                         F#
 I can't see her, but in the distance
 B                    F#
 I hear some laughter, we laugh together

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