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         GREEN DAY =====================    Here are the power chords for
                                            most of the songs on this album.
         1,039/SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOURS    Look at which chords are used for
         ===============================    a particular song then listen to
                                            the CD to get the number of times 
         TRANSCRIPTION BY: BRIAN WECK       each chord is strummed. Most of 
                                            these are not exact, but if you
         DUQUESNE UNIVERSITY  94'-95'       just have a slight ear for music 
                                            you will have no problem figuring
         PITTSBURGH PA                      the songs out.  Everything here
                                            is done in standard tuning.
 Intro: D   C   D   C   D   B
          a   a   a   a   a   

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