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 Here are the chords to the Grateful Dead's song Rosemary.
 Lyrics by Robert Hunter/Music by Jerry Garcia.
 From the album Aoxomoxoa.
 Chords figured by Insane Carnation.  [email protected]
 Upon listening to this song the lyrics are fuzzy due to the wonderful
 Filter on the vocals, giving it that creepy haunting sound.  i have found
 No less than three different official words to the first line, some
 Funnier than others.  Swath of heaven... to (what i hear) Scents of
 Heather..., the one here is from Hunter's book _Box of Rain_.  That, to
 Me, is the final word, aye?
 	i also found that the chords listed in a certain music book are
 Very close, but not exact.  Perhaps neither are mine, but here they are.
 As always, corrections are welcome...
 E (7th fret)               D (5th fret)
 Her boots were of leather, a breath of cologne
 A                  Bm          A         E
 Her mirror was the window, she sat quite alone.
 E                  F#
 All around her the garden then grew
 A           Bm         A           E
 Scarlet and purple and crimson and blue.
 E                            D
 She came and she went and at last went away
 A              Bm              A       E
 Her garden was sealed when the flowers decayed.
 E                           F#
 On the wall of the garden a legend did say:
  A          Bm        A                Bm
 No one may come here since no one may stay_____.
 Enjoy this haunting mandrigal...

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