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Dark Hollow

This song can be played with a capo at the second fret, thus the 
chord's are listed as you play them with the capo, and the true
chord is listed in parenthisis.

Intro: (This part isn't played with a capo, because of the low E,
        so another guitar is needed if you want to play this part..
        It can be used after each line that ends in the G (A) chord too.

 (A)(true chord...)

           G (A)  D (E)      G (A)               G (A)       C (D)  G (A) 
I'd rather be..in some..dark hollow....Where the sun...don't ever...shine...

        G (A)   D (E)      G (A)        G (A)               C (D)      G (A)
Than to be...in some...big city....In a small room...with a girl on my mind...

   G (A)       D  (E)  G (A)                   G (A)   C (D)      G (A)
So blow...your whistle freight train...take me far..on down...the track..
    G (A)     D(E)     C (D)               G (A)        D (E)        G (A)
I'm goin' away.....I'm leavin' today...I'm goin', but I ain't comin' back...

The patterns are similar throughout...

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