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Song : Arousing Thunder
Artist : Grant Lee Buffalo
Album : Copperopolis
Transcribed by : Geoffrey Nickles

For this song you will need to detune your guitar down 
1/2 a step:  eb bb gb db ab eb

The intro of the song is D and Dsus4 with the 
following riff played over the top it four times:

    D   Dsus4 D
e-----2-3--2----           X 4    

Then the first verse starts

                            (with intro riffx2 played over the top)   
Em          G                D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D
Maybe the rain's holding off,

Em          G                   D Dsus4 D Dsus4 D (I'll just refer 
Surely it knows, we're down here                   to this as  
                                                   D riff now)
Em             G            D riff
Walking 'round barefoot lost

Em                                       A
Pretty soon these clouds have got to clear

G              D         A
I know it's a lot

G                   D        A
Arousing thunder I only ask it to stop

G               D         A
For a second so I could coax you to talk

  (There could be a very quick G in here, I'm not sure)  
Em  ^  D riff

Em             G              D riff
Think when we first layed eyes

        Em                        G                       D riff
Didn't know who you were and then I was one more passerby

             Em                      G                    D riff
You were the girl in the entryway, thats all that I knew but

          Em                               A
You were still in school and I was insecure

G              D    A 
I know it's a lot

G                D                  A          
Arousing thunder I only ask it to stop

G               D                    A
For a second so I could coax you to talk

 A      F#m    A   F#m A F#m A F#m A    F#m  A F#m   D riff  D riff 
About your dreams and orange soda tea leaves, tv,  more....more

(If you don't like all the changes above you can just strum the F#m 
the whole way though til 'more' but it doesn't sound as good)

Em               G              D riff
Looks like the rains holding off

Em              G           D riff
Might as well take this slow

         Em                            G                      D riff
You know sometimes when I hold you in silence I listen real close

Em                            A   
Then I hear you talking to my soul

G                       D   A
Well I know it ain't half 

G                   D   A 
of this story I'm only meaning to ask

G                   D                  A       D riff  D riff D riff etc
Just what would it take to coax you to laugh? To laugh,   To laugh To laugh

Em  G  D riff

Em  G  D riff

Em  G  D riff

Just play G over the following lines

What would it
What would it               D
What would it take you to laugh?

Repeat the above twice, then

I'm not too sure on the ending but I'll give it a go

G           Em
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

G           Em
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

G           Em       D
Na na na na na na na

Then play D (plus the riff a few times) till
the end.

A couple of the chords:

D sus4    F#m

e-3-      e-2-
b-3-      b-2-
g-2-      g-2-
d-0-      d-4-
a-0-      a-4-
e-x-      e-2-

If you have any comments or corrections or just let me know someone's
 using this tab e mail me at [email protected]    :-)

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