Heartbreaker by Grand Funk Railroad

Am                        G
Once I had a little girl, sometimes I think about her,
F                      Asus2            E
But, buddy, you know she's not really there.
Am                             G
When memories do call, I just, I just can't live without her
F                         Asus2       E
But tryin' all the time is so hard to bear.
Am            G
Heartbreaker, can't take her,
F             Asus2       E
Heartbreaker, bringing me down.

Heartbreaker, can't take her,
Heartbreaker, bringing me down.
Am                   G
I don't cry no more, I live while I'm flying,
F                              Asus2     E
But I'll think back, and you can hear me say:


Hope you enjoy the song!  Grand Funk rules! --Warren M. Yeager
Deus Vobiscum ~ God Be With You
Copyright ? 1969 Storybook Music

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