Who are you? Who am I?
      F                  C
Is it real to touch the sky?
            Dm           Am
Nothing´s real for the sky, -
            E            Am
Said the birds of paradise.

I´am afraid, can´t you see?!
Tell me, where you carry me?
You will soon realize! -
Said the birds of paradise.

Flying home, flying home
To the land that you once had known,
To the peace that once was true
         E              Am
For a little girl like you.

Flying home, flying home
From the world that is made of stone
Till your heart is light and free
Like it once was meant to be.

How I can go ahead,
When my eyes are becoming wet?
Save your tears! Dry your eyes! -
Said the birds of paradise.

By the time is passing by
Say, how long do we have to fly?
Moon will set - sun will rise! -
Said the birds of paradise.


Watch the sun! And here´s the light!
Now I know what I´ve heard was right!
Morning sun can make you wise, -
Said the birds of paradise.

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