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I enjoy like playin' this song, because in it (and every other Gorillaz song)
there isn't a guitarist in every one of their songs kicking ass while the bass
just sits there playing one note over and over - and the sound isn't drowned out;
if anything, the bass is more there in Gorillaz songs than guitars (though
there's no guitar part to this song ~nudge nudge wink wink~).
And finally, the alterations noted at the bottom are just fret slides and pauses,
so just listen for them.

Riff 1 [Intro]

Riff 2

Riff 3

Riff 4

Riff 5

Riff 1 [Intro] (1)
Riff 2         (3)
Riff 1 [Intro] (2)
Riff 3         (2)
Riff 2         (4)
Riff 4         (1)
Riff 2         (1)
Pause For ~16 Seconds
Riff 5         (1)
Riff 2         (1)
Riff 3         (8 (w/ alteration on 7th))
Pause For ~16 Seconds
Riff 3         (6 (w/ alterations on 1, 5))
Riff 4         (1)

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