ruff stuff - GOMEZ
Album: In Our Gun

I play this song in open G tuning, but it can be played in standard as well
if you just play the same chords.

Open G tuning d-B-G-D-G-D

Chords used:
C#	B	A	G#
6	4	2	1
6	4	2	1
6	4	2	1
6	4	2	1
6	4	2	1
x	x	x	x

Main riff

   C#		     B C#

B (played in the same rhythm as the main riff)
I'm spending all her money on the best that I can buy

Pre chorus
B	A	G#


I think it just plays the main riff, I can't work out shit underneath all of the effects.

any comments or corrections, or if you have any other In Our Gun tabs, 
please mail 
[email protected]

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