{t:Goin' To The Run}
{st:Golden Earring}

 I could bet on new y[Em]ears eve he cal[C]l me up at n[G]ight 
 From the other side o[Em]f the world 
E[C]d was always th[D]ere allright
 Ed's got the l[Am]ooks of a mo[G]viestar 
Eds got the s[D]mile of a pr[Am]ince
 He rid[D]e a bike in[Em]stead of a ca[C]r I wanna be his fr[D]iend
Dancing in the livi[Em]ng room with a l[C]ady so [G]nice
Like the child with the w[Em]isdom tooth
H[C]e's just a [D]friend of mine
Ed's got the ring[Am]s and the colla[G]rs 
Eds got the [D]wind in his h[Am]air
He g[D]oes a riding with the [Em]brothers
[C]he's got a fist in the [D]air

 Going to the run[Em] the [C]run a[D]ngel
 Going to the [Cmaj7]run the [B7]run a[Em]ngel
 Well, h[C]eaven and hell came [D]together that night
 [C]Only for you this t[D]ime
 Going to the run[Am] foreve[C]r ange[G]l

[Em]solo[C]     [G]     [Em]       [C]       [G]
On summer at the fes[Em]tival h[C]olding on real ti[G]ght
On the back of a h[Em]arley you [C]took me for a[D] ride in the sky
Ed's got the[Am] look of a [G]winner Ed's got the [D]smile of a [Am]prince
He ri[D]de a bike i[Em]nstead of a car [C]I'll always be his [D]friend
Going to the [Em]run the [C]run a[D]ngel
Going to the [Cmaj7]run the [B7]run a[Em]ngel
There's [C]rich star that s[D]hines so bright
Like a [C]fire in the [D]night
Going to the r[Am]un fo[C]rever [G]angel

Going to the [Em]run the [C]run a[D]ngel
Forever going to th[Cmaj7]e run the [B7]run [Em]angel
Well, [C]heaven and hell came toget[D]her that night
O[C]nly for you this t[D]ime
Going to the [Am]run ru[C]n ang[G]el
Going to the [Am]run fo[C]rever a[G]ngel

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