Godsmack - Whatever

   This song is pretty heavy and requires that you tune down 
   your low E string to a C, and the A string to a G. It's 
   really a cool way to tune down and you can do alot of stuff
   with it!

   --Beginning, Verses--
   E -----0-0-0-¦
   B -----7-7-7-¦
   G -----------¦ Repeat this a whole bunch of times.
   D -----------¦
   G -0-0-------¦
   C -0-0-------¦

   --Pre Chorus--
   E -----------------------------------------------------
   B -----------------------------------------------------
   G -----------------------------------------------------
   D -----------------------------------------------------
   G -0-----0----------6-----------6-6--------------------
   C -0-----0----------6-----------6-6--------------------
   I Feel for you ( muted )
   E -----------------------------------------------------
   B -----------------------------------------------------
   G -----------------------------------------------------
   D ------------------3----------------------------------
   G -0-----0----------3----------5-5------------3-3------
   C -0-----0---------------------5-5------------3-3------ 
   I Will behave----- you better go away

   E -----------------------------------------------------------
   B -----------------------------------------------------------
   G ------4--3--1--------4--3--1--------4--3--1----------------
   D ------6--5--3--------6--5--3--------6--5--3----------------
   G -0-0------------0-0------------0-0---------------3--3--3--3
   C -0-0------------0-0------------0-0---------------3--3--3--3
   I'm doin the I'm doin the I'm doin the now go away
   best I ever the best that best I ever 
   did I can did

   They throw in some different stuff, but it's all pretty much 
   on these riffs.

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