LAND OF CONFUSION                  Genesis

Tune down 1/2 step

Intro:         A Am


I must've dreamed a thousand dreams
been hunted by a million screams
D Em
but I can hear the marching feet
Em D
they're moving into the street.

D Em
there's too many men
Em7 A D Em
too many people making too many problems
Em7 D Em
and not much love to go round
Em7 A D Em7 D
can't you see this is a land of confusion

Em7 C D Bm Em
This is the world we live in
C D Bm
and these are the hands we're given
Em C D Bm
use them and let's start trying
Em C D Bm A
to make it a place worth living in
A Am

C#m F#/C# Amaj7/C# G# D#m/

C#m F# C#m
I remember long ago
oh when the sun was shining
yes and the stars were bright all through the night
E D#m/
and the sound of your laughter
C#m F# A
as I held you tight
so long ago...
C D C D C D C D D Em

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