This is de easier one ive created, de earlier one was kinda diss for a beginner .. any 
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Gareth Gates

Say It Isnt So

D                             A
Skies are dark its time for rain
fine or cold u've board de train
G               D
Heading for tomorrow
D                    A
I wave goodbye to yesterday
Wipe the tears you hide your face
G                D
Blinded by the sorrow
G            Bm             A
How can I be smiling like before
G            Bm               A
When baby you don't time 
Shake the ground beneath the wheels
as I wish I'd never found you
G             D               A
How can I be smiling when you go
E                   E7            A
Will I be strong enough to carry on

Bm              A
Miles, miles to go
Before I can sail
              Bm              D        A
Before I can nail my love 
you to sleep

Oh darling Oh
   Em                  A
I get miles, miles to go
G               A7                 A
Before anyone will ever hear me laugh again


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