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BTAB: Peter Gabriel / Don't Give Up with bassist Tony Levin.



G----------------8--7-----------------------7--8-|   	H  -  Hammer On
D---------------10--8-----------------------8-10-|   	/  -  Slide Up
A---------10-10----------------------10-10-------|   	  -  Slide Down

     I  was  going  to  do  some  of the rest, but I'm lazy.  You
     figure it out.  We all can use the practice.  :)

     I  did  this  in  hope  of getting in contact with some Tony
     Levin  freaks.   How does Levin get the cool tone?!?  I come
     close with a chrous and a Boss octave pedal.  Any ideas?

     Feel free to put this on a Bass Tab or Peter Gabriel site or

     Someone  wanna try BTAB for the Drum Stick part in Big Time?

     Flames,  comments,  hints, corrections, money, or one of the
     new Stuart Spector Design Basses to:

     [email protected]

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