Come find yourself - album	

Tabbed by: Fjon ([email protected])

Nearly of the bass lines on this album are really short riffs, so I 
decided I might as well tab the whole album. Most of the stuff is very
easy and fun to play. I have no idea if its played on a bass, or on a 
keyboard, but I know that when they play live, the keyboard player 
plays the bass on a pedal operated keyboard. A lot of the songs here 
are played on a five dtring, so I'll writreout for four string as well-
it won't sound the same, though!

Come Find Yourself

Five-string:              Four-string:  
G|---------------------|  G|---------------------|
D|---------------------|  D|-5--3----3--5---6--5-|
A|---------------------|  A|-------5-------------|
E|-3--1----1--3---4--3-|  E|---------------------|

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