John Frusciante - Someone's 1:52
L & M: John Frusciante
Track 2 From:
To Record Only Water For Ten Days
2001 Niandra Lades Music BMI.
Transcription By Leandro Koren,
[email protected]

Intro: Gm x4

Gm                    Cm
Someone's waiting to fly with me
Gm                   Cm
Someone's saying goodbye 
              Bb                  Cm
Everytime she says hello cuz they both
Bb                Cm
Connect no one to show
    Gm                     Cm
But I'm floating down this air stream
Gm                    Cm
I'm floating and it's every dream
     Bb               Cm
I've ever had and I'm so
Bb                     Cm
Happy and sad cuz they both
Eb                   F               
Connect me with when I've never been a
Earth body

Gm x4

Gm             Cm
Any house is a frame
Gm                  Cm
Anything real has a friend
    Bb                   Cm
We talk ourselves out of it
Bb                   Cm            Cm                    
Without precounts to hidden not-forgives
Gm                          Cm
Everywhere I look there's a face
Gm                      Cm
Everyone deserved has a place
Bb                Cm
Crowding's just a word
Bb                Cm           Cm
Everytime draws a light        bright
Gm                 Cm
Hold and turn me infinite
Gm                 Cm 
Hold and turn me infinite
Bb                 Cm
Someone's taken me all
Bb                 Cm      Cm       Gm  
Someone's taken me all,    over out there


  Gm   Cm  Bb  F  Eb

Produce By John Frusciante
Mixed By Jimmy Boyled
Mixing Assisted By Brian Grimmel
Mastered By Vlado Meller At Sony Music Studio, New York.

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