John Frusciante - Representing 1:46
L & M: John Frusciante
Track 12 From:
To Record Only Water For Ten Days
2001 Niandra Lades BMI Music.
Transcribed By Leandro Koren.
[email protected]

Intro: With Drums

Bm                 D       Em
I'm representing a face of light
Bm                              D      Em 
I'll take your place, it's only right 
I don't hesitate this time 
G         A           Bm
I'm only seen 'till I arrive 
Bm                      D        Em
I'm reappearing and I'm holding back 
Bm                       D  Em
I steal this field if I relax 
You've never moved the end 
G                 A            Bm
You'll shake out of yourself again 
Em                               F#
Revealing the face that's frozen cold 
           Bm D G
Hey y'all 
Em                        F#
Raise the rain the other way 
          Bm D G
Hey y'all

   Bm     D    Em    F#    A      G

Produce By John Frusciante
Mixed By Jimmy Boyled
Mixing Assisted By Brian Grimmel
Mastered By Vlado Meller At Sony Music Studio, New York.

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