Вступление: Hm | Hm | Hm | Hm | G | E5 E5/D | Hm | Hm | Hm | Hm

It seems he has all he'd ever need
He sees aspiration, never greed
G                      E5
When it's time that he had another

He's always wanting more, if there's another one
Give him some more, he'll have another one
He'll have a slice of your mother

	And this boy's quite spectacular
	Not a boy, but a wealthy bachelor
	Hm                      D
	I want a car, I want a car
	Hm                      D
	I want a car, I want a car

He sees losers losing everywhere
If he'll lose, he'll only lose the care
That he might have for another

He is complete, invincible
If he has one set principle
Then it's to stand on you, brother


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If he likes cocaine, he's racing you
For organic fresh Echinacea
One kick's as good as another

If he's tired, he's tired of telling you
He's never tired, he's always better than you
Bye-bye boy, run to your mother

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