Hello everyone this is my first tab ever so be kind on the crisitsim

About 2 weeks ago I fiddled arond and came up with Frampton's
Do You Feel Like We Do from the live album. I borrowed the chords for
the verse from [email protected] (-P.SALVA) as I forgot what it

Ok here goes nothin!
Standard Tuning

During the intro with the awesome keyboard solo by Bob Mayo.

   4/4 time
   :D        F       C         D   A C :
  After that comes the guitar line
e        10
b  13 10     13  10
g                   12  12  10  13p12  10    10
d                                         12

g  12 10 13p12 10    10
d                 12     12 10 10

that repeats about 4 times and then it it moves up two frets to F
and then you repeat

Verse:   A      E     A    A     E      A

this repeats a few times and then back to the intro..check the record
for exact.

Then while the talkbox goes on the intro is reapeated again and again
Hopefully I'll get the solo one day...until then enjoy!


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