This is an awesome version of the Kurt Cobain tributed song
My Hero written by Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters in acoustic form.
I just downloaded the song off of Kazaa and have tried to transcibe
it by ear.  It was aired on the Howard Stern show.  This is my version of how I think it goes.  Bear with me...
I'm usually pretty accurate- Brian La Freniere Tacoma, WA
[email protected]


E            C#    C#1  C#2   Eb        E          (C)
--0-----     --0----2---0-----x------- -x-----------x----------|
--0-----     --4----4---5 ----8---------9-----------11---------|
--1-----     --4----4---4-----x---------x-----------x----------|
--2-----     --0----0---0-----6---------7-----------9----------|
--2-----     --4----4---4-----x---------x-----------x----------|
--0-----     --0----0---0-----x---------x-----------x----------|


Essentially this is how it goes, listen and figure it out...

E ////// (down and up strums of course) C# // C#1/ C#/// C#1/ C#2///


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