Song: The second time
Band: Fleetwood mac
Album: The Dance
Tabbed: Daniel Thomas ([email protected])
Tuning E A D G B E


C		G		F		E		Amin
[----0----[	[----3----[	[----1----[	[----0----[	[----0----[
[----1----[	[----0----[	[----1----[	[----0----[	[----1----[
[----0----[	[----0----[	[----2----[	[----1----[	[----2----[
[----2----[	[----0----[	[----3----[	[----2----[	[----2----[
[----3----[	[----2----[	[----3----[	[----2----[	[----0----[
[----0----[	[----3----[	[----1----[	[----0----[	[----0----[

Was it in my mind

Or was it true

	F				C
That woman used to Hollywood living

Do you remember how

		F	C
The angels sang

	     E			Amin
And your sorrows left you there

		      E			Amin
Right before the  	lights came up

C		F
Do you remember

You took my hand

	      G		      F		C
Do you remember, my friend
Did you feel like it was

	G		     F
The second time with you,

C			    G
That feeling of a vivid memory

G		  F
Well it had to do

	  C (hold)	F (hold)	C (hold)	C (picking again)	E
With a dream 	come 		true

E			     Amin
And someone that you loved

		E	Amin
And would always love

	C	F
The second time around

For us
	G		F	E
She never looked back

E			Amin
Someone that you loved

		E	Amin
And would always love

	C		F	    C
The second time around, for us

	G	F		  C
She never 		looked  back

She could never look back

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