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Intro: D/ //  G///   A/  //   G  A
Play it with a lot of fuzz. The accompanying guitar part is played with a
slide on a guitar tuned to open E.

D                    C
  I know a girl who    thinks of ghosts
D                            C
  She'll make you breakfast,    she'll make you toast
D                           C
  But she don't use butter,    she don't use cheese
G                         A
  She don't use jelly or     any of these
           D     C       G
  She uses vaa   aass   eline
  D    C      G
  Vaa  aass  eline (3x)

D                   C
  I know a guy who    goes to shows
D                        C
  When he's at home and     he blows his nose
D                       C
  He don't use tissues     or his sleeve
G                          A
  He don't use napkins or     any of these
          D    C      G
  He uses maa  aagg  azines
  D    C      G
  Maa  aagg  azines (2x)
  D   G    A      G  A
  Maa aaa gazines

  D   G    A      G  A (2x??)

D                    C
  I know a girl who     reminds me of Cher
D                        C
  She's always changing      the color of her hair
D                        C
  She don't use nothing     you buy in a store
G                        A
  She likes her hair to      be real orange
           D    C     G
  She uses taa  aann  gerines
  D     C     G
  Taa   aann  gerines (2x)
  D     G     A         G A
  Taa   aann  gerines

  D     G     A     G A

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