Title: A Flowery Song 
By: Five Iron Frenzy
Album: Upbeats and Beatdowns
Words by: Reese
Music by: Scott and Dennis
Copyright 1996 5 Minute Walk Music/ASCAP
Chords by: Jon King ([email protected])
Sent by: Jon King ([email protected])

Ok, Let's begin.

I THINK the bass intro goes something like this

(I don't have a bass so don't know the correct tone so this may be on any
other string if it IS right)

E  1
B  4
G  2
D  1
A  3
E  1

Bass intro... then,

G#m  B  F7  B  (5X)  
E  C#  F#  A  (4X)
E  C#  F#  E   (2nd guitar plays twice)

Verse:  G#m  B  F7  B

E         C#            F#           A             E
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
           C#        F#            A         E
praise him all creatures here below
           C#         F#    A            E
praise him above ye heavenly host
           C#        F#          A        E
praise father, son, and Holy Ghost

E  C#  F#  E
Verse 2
G#m  B  F7  B

I still haven't found the way to play the solo yet, somebody reading this
MUST know it, don't be lazy, send it in!!

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