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From: Tilman Heckel [[email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 1998 3:36 AM

Song:   Song And Dance Brigade
Artist: (Fischer Z)

Album: Red Skies Over Paradise

Em                Bm
Rub your eyes and look again
Em              Bm
Facial features take the strain
    Am           Bm          Em
But don't back-a-don't back away

Idle hours lose their charm
They won't do you any harm
If you don't back-a-don't back away

G              F                  G
They won't appreciate your long experience
G       F
Working dance halls on your own
G          F                      G
They can't mechanize the song and dance brigade
G            F
They'll only notice when we've gone
It's over today, it's over today

it's over today, it's over today
    Am           Bm           Am           Bm          Em
But don't back-a-don't back-a-don't back-a-don't back away

See that twinkle in your eyes
Precious moments never die
So don't back-a-don't back away

In the time that you've been on
A generation's come and gone
So don't back-a-don't back away

They won't recognize ...
Transcript by Tilman Heckel 

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