Song: Take a Picture
Artist: Filter
Tabber: Tikku77

I was going over the other tabs and it's pretty I decided to make it easy
on everyone and combine everything together so we're all on the same page. For sake
of fitting the tab, I'll tell you it's standard and get rid of the letters.

The main riff goes a little something like this (drop D tuning is optional):


The strum is obvious, so if you listen, you can hear how he hits the chords. I don't
really know how I could tab it out, because it's easier on paper, but...let's get to
the chorus.

I didn't exactly get the chorus's strum, so I improvised. The strums, however, are: down
down down down up down up down up.



The G chord I'm not certain on but I'm fairly sure that's what it is. I couldn't tell
you the order of the two riffs if you paid me in chocolate, but it's not that hard.

Well...happy huntin'.

- Tikku77 and a half -^v^-

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