Artist: Feeder
Song: Paperfaces
Album: Yesterday went too soon
Tabbed by Peter Woods

(This song sounds best with a Cappo on the 4th fret)

Intro:     C x2

Verse 1

C                       Am                                      Dm              Am
Staring at paperfaces, expressions like empty pages            day after day
C		           Am                                                  Dm                    Am
Waiting for the lights to change now, reaching for a cloud to come down        and cover me


C                              Am                      G
Cant't shut you out, can't get you out    (there's not a way x2)

C                       Am                                         G
Can't take you down, can't watch you drown   (day after day x2)

Verse 2

C                                      Am                                            Dm             Am 
Waiting for the world to change now, dissolution takes a bite out      and swallows me   

Looking for a way to get out, wishing that the sun would come down      and smother me



Dm                        Am                            G
If you can learn to be yourself, then thats o.k

Dm                     Am                                G
If you can find a reason why, don't drift away

Short verse

C                                   Am                                    Dm                   Am
Walking down streets to knowhere, stepping on feet with no care      loosing myself

Chorus x2

Outro:    C x4  

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