Artist - Feeder
Song - High (From album Polythene)

This song sounds great when played on an electric acoustic 
while singing, although it does sound better with backup from 
a distorted electric. ( especially during the chorus). The 
actual version is played with your guitar tuned 1/4 up and 
capo on 2nd fret, but cos i got a deep manly voice(hehe...), 
i played it open.

Its a kind of a strange mix (fingering style) of oasis' wonderwall 
and nirvana's teen spirit for the chorus...or is that just me?

[M-mute with thumb (a la hendrix)]VERSE

Main guitar
 Gsus          C(add 9)       A7(Sus4)       C(add 9)

Guitar 2 riff(I think)


Main Guitar
you can just repeat the verse for this, but i reckon it sounds 
better using the major bar chords and some major distortion. 
Ideally you want guitar 1 playin the verse riff and guitar 2 
playing the bar chords, but hey im just one guy, and none of 
my mates play guitar :(

Bar Chords (Distorted preferably)
   G     C     Am    C
Gsus     C(add 9)   A7(Sus4) C(add 9)    Gsus    C(add 9)        A7(Sus4)      C(add9)
Guess im stuck in a dream, surrounded by coloured leaves on the ground,
As I stare at the trees, I see one fall down on my hand
AS I start to explore, I can't ignore a man
He turn his head around, his face was all warmed by the sun.

I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends
I will...
I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends

Drifting down a road, losing my self in a dream
Feel my hands getting cold, sat in a boat on a lake


Climing up, trying my best, as i sink...
Climbing up, trying my best as i sink again...

Lying back on the floor, reaching up high into space,
See myself in a glass, counting the lines on my face...
Counting the lines on my face...

Chorus x2

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