Feeder, High
Adam Stewart, [email protected]
Feeder- High
tab by Adam Stewart([email protected])

Third Fret Capoed(chords not actual pitch)
Progression:G-C-Am-C(repeats over and over)
Switch to distortion for the chorus

Vs 1:
Guess I'm stuck in a dream,
Surrounded by colored leaves all around,
As a stare at the trees, I see one fall down on my hand,
As I start to explore, I can't ignore a man
He turn his head around, his face was all worn by the sun,


Vs 2: 
Drifting down a road, losing myself in a dream,
Saw my eyes getting cold, sat in a boat on a lake,


Lying back on the floor,
Reaching up high into space,
See my in a glass, I'm counting the lines on my face,
Again, Counting the lines on my face,

Chorus and fade

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