Artis: FatBoy Slim
Album: You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Song: Praise You

Submitted by Steve D ([email protected])
[email protected]---

   Piano arranged for guitar
     F#              C#         G#
e |--------------------------------------------------------------|
B |--2-----2---------6----6-----4----------------------------|
G |--3-----3---------6----6-----5----------------------------|    
D |--4-----4---------6----6-----6----------------------------|     
A |--4-----4----3---4----4-----6----------------------------|
E |--2-----2---------------------4-----4----4----4----4----|

    Here's the bass:

G |---------3--6---------------------------------------------------
D |--4--4-----------------3--6------------------------------------
A |-----------------4--4-----------------3--3--4--4--6--6------
E |--------------------------------4--4-----------------------------

 That's it. Comments, questions can be sent to [email protected] I
any mail I get.

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