Fairport Convention
Sloth (Full House)
By Marcel Veltman

Only the basic chords as they were played by Simon Nicol on the acoustic. What really
made this song interesting, however, was Richard Thompson and Dave Swarbrick taking it
way up and down to heaven in two lengthy instrumental breaks and a beautifull outro.
Perhaps this was the best track on the best English folk-rock album ever.

 G                      C     G                  C
   Just a roll, just a roll. Just a roll on the drum
 G                      C            F        Am
   Just a roll, just a roll and the war has begun

G                            C               
   Now the right things the wrong things
G                      C
   No more excuses to come
G                        C            F       Am
   Just one step at the time and the war has begun


(Instrumental break, same chords)

She's runaway she's runaway
And she ran so bitterly
Now call for your coloured friends
Don't you call for me


(Instrumental break. Leadsinger may go out to take a lunch)

Don't you cry don't you cry
Don't you cry upon the sea
Don't you cry don't you cry
For your lady and me

(Chorus twice)

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