Instrument: Guitar
Song: What I Said
Artist: Eyes Adrift
Album: Eyes Adrift (2002)
Tabber: Lachlan Hart ([email protected])

Standart Tuning E A D G B E

Curt plays broken chords during the intro and verse, I think you can 
work it out for yourself.... heres the chord progression:

C - A/G - C - G

C               A/G  C  G
Isn't what I said
C               A/G  C  G 
World is sick in bed
C               A/G  C  G
Roses painted red
C               A/G  C  G
Pounding in my head

Silence is better
Than nothing, than nothing


Solo is on the G string, bend it up around the 7th and 9th frets, 
then in the second half whack on the distortion and go up to around 

Any corrections, compliments, questions, or requests just email me at [email protected]
Have fun!

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