This is the second single by Eve6.  It's called Leech.  I decided to
this out coz all the other versions that i've seen are wrong.


3-2-2--2-2--2-2-----------    2x

-then play intro over D-A C-G   4x

D            A
  tell those stories to me
    C                 A#     -      C        D
i'm dying to hear the things you've done and seen
    A                   G
far-fetched as they may be
D              A
  you strike a smile in me
     C               A# - C
your stories ring of purgery
D               A              G     G(palm mute)
  construed with self-empowring things

Chorus: pick the chords during first chorus(no distortion)
D     -       A
sucking on my brain
           C       -       G
you're the teacher i'm the student
D     -         A           C      -        G
turning things around, your story's not congruent
D  -    A       C    -    G
tabloid decoys, pitiful excuses
D      -        A             C       -       G
turning things around, you're turning things around

-play intro over same chords 2x

D         A
  a manic stunning scene
    C                    A#  -  C   D
i'm taking notes, you're taking me away
          A          G
into your false reality
D             A               C
  i know your comfort lies in lying to try
   A#    -    C        D
to make your life make sense
A                 G
you're not making sense
in your true sense you're....

Chorus(full chords & distortion)

E(13x) F#(3x) G(16x)
oooooooooooo    i'd say it aloud but i'm not allowed
E(13x) F#(3x) G(16x)
oooooooooooo   i see your head spinning round and round

Verse: only bass
D                A
  broken records talk tonight
C                A#    -  C             D
skip that needle back and forth on your mind
            A            G
wearing out unconvincing lies

-guitar comes in picking chords
       D                        A
like a seedling dropped from an old oak tree
     C                  A#   -   C
your shade dont hide no sun from me
D      A              G(palm mute)
  fake stories, humor me its graduation time
   A#             A
i love you like a mother


D - A    C     -     G               D  -
    yeah yeah you're turning things around
A    C     -     G             D  -
yeah yeah you're sucking on my brain
A    C     -     G               D  -
yeah yeah you're turning things around
A    C -  G    E
yeah yeah yeah

And there you have it.  its a pretty easy song, but very good.
if you have any questions, comments, or praises, then e-mail me at 
[email protected]

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