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>From: [email protected] (Tracey McCartney)
	corrections to
[email protected] (Steve Vetter) writes:

>Yes I Am - Melissa Etheridge
>by Steve Vetter [[email protected]]
>It got a lot easier to figure out the lyrics when I remembered they were in
>the book!  Next time I go to the music store that has this book I will update
>it to be more correct.
>              (fast)
>Intro:  G     F C G
>G                                    F C G
>In these day and these hours of fury
>G                                     F C G
>when the darkness and answers are thin
>G                                    F C G
>lovers come and check out in a hurry
>G                       F C Em
>shallow and hollow again
>Em                 C
>come lay your body beside me
>Em                     C
>to dream to sleep with the lamb

These Em's and C's should be C7s.

>Em                             C
>to the question your eyes seem to send
>          G             C             F
>am I your passion, your promise, your end?
           ^             ^             ^
           Em            Em            C

>           G
>I say I am
>        C
>yes I am
>        G
>yes I am
>        C
>yes I am
>          G             C             Em
>I am your passion, your promise, your end
                         ^              ^
                         D              C9
>yes I am
>[same pattern as verse 1]

The rest looks correct, more or less...

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