Artist:  Melissa Etheridge
Album:  Skin
Tab done by Melissa Parker
[email protected]

Verses are clean electric or acoustic.
Chorus and solo are distorted, however it sounds good either way.
Just listen to the song first to get a feel for how to play it properly.  :)
It's a simple song, good luck.  

Em, A, Em, A

Em                  A
A shot in the dark, I woke up to find
Em                           A
You had broke all the rules, and you changed your mind
Em                     A
Didnt I love you good, Didnt I love you right
Em                                          A
Then tell me where are you going dressed to kill tonight

F#                   G#   A
This ones gunna hurt like hell


Em                     A
Answer my prayers, and answer the phone
      Em                        A
Think twice about it baby, turn around and come on home
      F#                      A                 Em
Lover stop, lover dont, lover stop, lover lover please.

(Verse 2)

Em                  A
Its the same ol tune...
Em                  A
Its the same ol game...
Em                         A
If there was just one thing
Em                         A
It would be your love thats...
    F#                   G#   A
Oh, this ones gunna hurt like hell..

Guitar solo during vox box break
(Play with distortion if possible)
h= hammer on
b = bend


Palm your Em through.. 
They take it.... like i want to... They make it, they break it...

Keep playing in same notation as listed above according to section and breaks.

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