intro: D-C#m-Bm-D-G-A

i find it hard to believe
that all the pain that we are feeling has 
some meaning in this world
it's so hard to believe 
when everything you see is different
from the things that you've been told

   D                 Bm
i wanted life to be this way
    G               Em               G-A
just a lil bit of love could mean so much
D                         Bm
oh please don't take it all the way
G                               Em              G-A
cos with you, heaven is still close enough to touch

I find it hard to believe
that someone up there is waiting with
arms open wide smiling 
it's so hard to believe 
when someone told me that your sufferin'
is what you get for living

(repeat chorus)
              Bm                  G
because your love is still the only thing that matters
           Bm     G     A                  Bm
in this world,  the only thing that i believe

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