Equipped - One Summers Day(written by J. Spencer)

              Tabbed By: [email protected]

            Intro: C,Dmaj7,G,twice.

              C             Dmaj7                       G

            I wake up, feel the air brush my face, the sun is in my

                         C               Dmaj7                 G

             eyes.    I get up,  throw on my clothes, and run out the

                                C                   Dmaj7

             door,    I  run  down the street, head to the school,


            but then i realize...

                                  Dm                 Dmaj7

               Chorus: Its the last day of school and they cant do

                  G                              Dm

                anything (no they won't)   Its the last day of school

                      Dmaj7               G

               and they wont do anything at all (yea they cant)            solo: intro a bunch with some harmonica C, D, C.

                  C (dont strum. just once)       Dmaj7 x1

              Verse 2:  I Turned around, stopped my pals and we all

                              G x1

                        began to realize.  (little talking part)

                                   C                Dmaj7

                        It ends up none of us made it to school


                        that   day.

                         Chorus: again
                       intro: again

                                               C           Dmaj7

                       (very softly:)   i wake up, feel the air brush


                        my face, the sun is in my eyes.                      end on a C.

                    Thats it!  Listen to the Equipped cd (when it comes 
out, for 
more accuracy) i went to thier concert and picked it up by ear. enjoy!

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