I was born on the border
      G          F#
Of darkness and light.
I tried to feel their strength,
         G      F#
But I was crucified.
         Hm       G
Undestructible body
  D          A
Lied under snow
      Em              F#
And time flows very slow.

I've been punished by darkness
I've been damned by light
Crazy, wild and mindless,
I felt their might.
Is this abyss or desert -
Gray landscape surronds,
Just one thought in my head - I am bound!

      Hm                         G            A
I'm livin' in twilight - I am damned by the Light
       Hm                         G           A
My life is closed circle - but I'm still alright!
      Hm          G              D           A
I'm livin' in twilight - no stars in the sky,
   Em                             G A
A place, where the dreams cannot fly!

You can pray for the freedom -
No Gods in this place
'Cause this world like a prison
Like intricate lace.
Now I can realize that I cannot die
Cannot fly, cannot creep, cannot cry!

But one day the old stranger
Will come to this world.
He will break way from here
By his lightning bolt.
Every man have a hope
To escape from this place -
Just be patient and wait for your chance!

I'm livin' in twilight...

соло Juron

I'm livin' in twilight...

I'm livin' in twilight...
            Hm            G               D              A
I cannot fly, I cannot creep, I cannot die, I cannot sleep... (x4)

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