Verse 1:
 F#       H                   
 If I had one single wish
 C#                       F# 
 I´d go back to the moment I kissed 
 You goodbye no matter how hard I try
 I can´t live without you in my life

 F#                         H   
Maybe you´ll say you still want me
 C#                        F# 
Maybe you´ll say that you don´t
Maybe we said it was over
But baby I can´t let you go

Verse 2:
I walk around trying to understand
Where we went wrong and I can´t pretend
It wasn´t me, it wasn´t you
But I´m convinced we gave up too soon


Nothing left to lose after losing you
There´s nothing I can´t take
When I run to you, when I come for you
Don´t tell me I´m too late


   F#     H   
   C#     F# 

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