B          E         G#m       F#
e ---------|---------|---------|---------|
B ---------|---------|---------|---------|
G -----4---|-4---4---|-----4---|-4---3---|
D ---4---4-|---2---2-|---------|-------4-|
A -2-------|---------|---6---6-|---------|
E ---------|---------|-4-------|---2-----|

 B             E 
Here’s how it goes
        G#m        F#
You and me up and down but maybe this time
We’ll get it right
Worth the fight ´cause love is something
You can´t shake when it breaks
All it takes is some trying

        B         E
If you feel like leaving
I´m not gonna 
Beg you to stay
Soon you´ll be finding 
You can run you can hide
But you can´t escape my love


So if you go
You should know it´s hard to just forget 
The past so fast
It was good it was bad but it was real and 
That´s all you have
In the end our love mattered


Here´s how it goes
All it takes is some trying

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