Am           Dm       G                     Am
          Tonight we dance, I leave my life in your hands.
                        Dm     G                       E
          We take the floor, nothing is forbidden anymore.

                         Am                            F
          Don't let the world in outside, don't let a moment go by,
           C            G        E
          Nothing can stop us tonight.

                Am             G              F
          Bailamos ! Let the rhythm take you over !
                Am         G           F
          Bailamos ! Te quiero,  amor mio !
                Am          G                 F
          Bailamos ! Gonna live this night forever  !
                Am         G          F          E     
          Bailamos ! Te quiero, amor mio ! Te quiero ! 


        Am              Dm    G                            Am
          Tonight I'm yours, we can make it happen I'm so sure.
                          Dm    G                                     E
          Now I'm letting go, there is something I think you should know.

                      Am                             F
          I won't be leaving your side, we're gonna dance through the night,
          C          G              E                        
          I want to reach for the stars !  

          Chorus: - Repeat - 1 times !


          Am        G        F        Am          G      F
          Wo..w (tonight we dance),  wo..w (like no tomorrow), 
          Am         G         F       Am         E                  
          Wo..w (if you will stay with me), te quiero mi amor !


          Chorus: - repeat - 2 times !


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