Happiness Will get you in the End - Embrace
Taken from the album - If you've never been.

Chords by Big-e
[email protected]

My first effort at transcribing any tune. Surely it can't be this easy to replicate such a beautiful tune.
Any alterations welcome.

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             C                           F
I'd kill anything that flaps around your head, Darling
G			             F
We had so much I don't know where it went, god can
C                                  F
Strike me down if I'm wrong I'll repent, saying
G                                   F
That Happiness will get you in the end, darling

C   F   G  C

         C			          F
Some Psychic gave me words I've come to dread, she said
G			           F
That Happiness would come to you again, oh yeah
C			     		        F
Your fall will break your splashing heart can mend, knowing
G	                            F
That happiness will get you in the end

And my mind is like, a  maze
                F		    G
And I Know the way all around that maze
With you next to me
       C                 F           G              F
But I can't find my way out with you around, please stay

            C                             F
Those tear stained letters you returned unread, saying
G                                F
That happiness has come to you again, oh yes
C                                            F
And all good things must reach their rotten end, darling
G                                 F
But happiness will get you in the end
C				  F
Oh happiness will get you in the end
G			          F        C
Oh happiness will get you in the end, darling

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