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Subject:         (CRD) - FIREWORKS - EMBRACE
   Date:         Sat, 25 Oct 1997 22:09:46 +0100
   From:         Karim 

track 4, Fireworks EP


written by Danny McNamara

transcribed by Karim Adab

Intro : Bb Gm Dm Bb


Bb                       Gm

I stretched out to reach you

           Dm                  Bb

I tried to meet you, I've been wrong

        Gm                      Dm

Now the fireworks in me are all gone


This time I realised



        Gm              Dm

I don't need convincing,

          F                  Bb

I've seen enough to  want to try

            Gm              F

You fell in love, I fell in life


I thought I'd found my place,

        Gm              Dm

Till I knew how much it cost to play it safe

F              Bb  F               Bb

Could I leave you? Would I let you down?

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