F                           Am
I see the lonely road that leads so far away,
Gm                             Bb             C
I see the distant lights that left behind the day
F          Eb              D
But what I see is so much more than I can say
          Gm   Bb  C    F
And I see you midnight blue.
I see you cryin' now you've found a lot of pain,
And what you're searchin' for can never be the same,
But what's the difference cos' they say what's in a name.
And I see you midnight blue.
F      Bb       C           F  Cm  Bb    
I will love you tonight,and I will stay
        Bbm   F       Dm  Bb           C      F
By your side,lovin' you,I'm feelin' midnight blue.
I see you standing there far out along the way,
I want to touch you but the night becomes the day,
I count the words that I am never gonna say
And I see you midnight blue.
Repeat Chorus
Can't you feel the love that I'm offering you,
Can't you see how it's meant to be,
Can't you hear the words that I'm saying to you,
Can't you believe like I believe,
It's only one and one it's true
Still I see you midnight blue.
I see beautiful days and I feel beautiful ways
Of loving you,everything's midnight blue.
Repeat Chorus

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