Calling America 
D				  A
Told her that there was a place like heaven 
Hm			    G
Across the water on a 747 
Yeah, we're living in 
G    A       D
In a modern world.
And pretty soon she's really got the notion 
Of flying out across the big blue ocean 
Yeah, we're living in 
In a modern world.
F#m               Hm
Talk is cheap on satellite 
G                 Em  C 
But all I get is (static!) 
F#m    Hm    F#m       Hm
Information, I'm still here 
G          A
Re-dial on automatic.
D					G 
Calling America (can't get a message through) 
D					   A
Calling America (that's what she said to do) 
D					    G
Calling America (that's where she has to be) 
D                           A
Calling America (she left a number for me) 
Calling America.
But I'm just talking to a satellite 
Twenty thousand miles up in the sky each night 
Yeah, we're living in 
In a modern world.
All I had to do was pick up the phone 
I'm out in space, trying to talk to someone 
Yeah, we're living in 
In a modern world.
She left a number I could call 
But no one's there, no one at all 
There must be something going wrong 
That number just rings on and on.
Said she'd call when she'd been gone a while 
Guess she's missing me across the miles 
Yeah, we're living in 
In a modern world.
Calling America, Calling America 
Calling America, Calling America...

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