*Acoustic Guitar only:
There were Doolin
High or low
            A   A7
It all the same
Easy money
And faithless women
           E  D
With a wiskey
         A    E
For the pain

* Introduces drums and bass:

Go down feel darker in the ***
Two brothers cryin´ there in coffee bill
Two voices callin´ you from where they stood
Lay down your lawbooks, now you know they´re good

Better keep on movin´
Till your shadow
Set you free
Leave your ***
If you´re lucky
You will never
See that *** in tree

*Again acoustic guitar only:

The times lay on the crossed doors ***...
Like *** lay the tombstones waitin´ for the men
And men could use it *** coul use it ***
Before some winsdore crazy lords
Cause nothing ever changes

*Again full sound:

Till-till Doolin
*** Dalton
He was working cheer
Just paradise
When he left
He said "I´m going"
So he left
This peaceful life behing
[For he don´t know why]
Be happy for this song.
I liked it very much.
F#m seemz EADGBE

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