Until My Ship Comes In


chord diagrms without a capo on.

    G         G/F#         ?1            ?2           Em7           Cadd9            Dsus4
    3          2            6             5            0              X                X
    2          0            5             4            2              3                X
    0          0            0             0            2              2                0
    0          2            0             0            0              0                2
    3          3            6             5            3              3                3
    3          3            6             5            3              3                3

INTRO:   G      G/F#      ?1 ?2    G        G       G/F#        ?1  ?2        G       G/F#

Em7          Cadd9             Dsus4
Loneliness,  plays it's wicked game with me
Em7                      Cadd9          Dsus4
Maybe i'll be saved, but i have nothing to believe
    Em7                 Cadd9        Dsus4
With no-one in my arms, underneath a quiet sky
   Em7                     Cadd9      Dsus4
And nothing in my heart, a nothing symphony

G                         G/F#
The lonely people sail the sea
There'll be a storm inside of me
?2                  G
Until my ship comes in
All i have is what i am
on this island i will roam
?2                 G       G/F#
Until my ship comes in

The radio...plays the same six songs a day
Automatic words...cruel and comforting to me
Everything is bleak...people-less, hollow and concreate
Staring at the sea...but my thoughts are far from me


Em7              Cadd9
I was giving it a little more time
Em7               Cadd9
I was giving it a little more time
Em7               Cadd9
I was giving it a little more time
but things don't seem to be getting better(X2)

CHORUS(X2) Finish on G

tabbed by aaron and adam norton

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