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Date: Sun,  1 Oct 1995 01:44:07 +0100 (MET)
From: Ellen de Bruijn 
Subject: TAB/CRD: Superglider by Drugstore

Drugstore: Superglider


|| A     E  ||  Bm      ||  A     E  ||  Bm      ||


|| A     E  ||  Bm      ||  A     E  ||  Bm      ||

There's a star for everyone, but some got lost in darkness...

|| A     E  ||  Bm      ||  A     E  ||  Bm      ||


|| F#m   A  ||  E       ||  F#m   A  ||  E       ||


|| F#m   A  ||  E       ||


|| E7 E6 E  ||  E7 E6 E ||


|| E7 E6 E  ||



s = slide

--5-----------0-------7------------(7)-  E
--5-----------0-------7------------(7)-  B
--6-----------1-------7------------(7)-  G
--7-----------2-------9-------------9--  D
--7-----------2-------9----7-s-9---(9)-  A
--5-----------0-------7------------(7)-  E
  A           E       Bm

-----         -----           -----   E
--3--         --2--           -----   B
--1--         --1--           --1--   G
--2--         --2--           --2--   D
--2--         --2--           --2--   A
-----         -----           -----   E

 E7            E6               E

When you listen very carefully you can hear a lead guitar
playing on the background.... he plays something like this:

---------------------------------------   E
---------------------------------------   B
--4--4--4--4-s-2-----2--2----4-s-6--4--   G
---------------------------------------   D
---------------------------------------   A
---------------------------------------   E
 (A)          (E)              (Bm)

Just use the higher A, Bm and F#m and slide all the way back
to the basic E.

Any comments, questions or requests for other Drugstore songs
(Don't worry they will come anyway)
Or just fan? Mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]
(that's an order).

Also, wanted some Salad songs. I'm working on 'Motorbike to Heaven'
and will post this in the near future.

Greetings from Ellen!

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