Artist: Drivin-n-Cryin 
Song: Straight to Hell 
Tuning: E, A, D, G 
Tempo: Moderate Rock 
Tabbed By: [email protected] 
OK, I went home and double checked this on my bass. 
There was a slight discrepancy. 
This should be correct now. 

This song is a basic box scale, here goes: 

          G Maj.                D Maj. 

           C Maj.             G Maj. 

The bass line changes during the solo, 
but its in the same key so this can 
be played throughout. 

You can also do a fill at 
the end of the line like this: 

G|-----------7-------|                             G|-------| 
D|-----5-7/9---95---| if you do this skip         D|-------| 
A|-5/7-------------7-| this part at the beginning: A|---0-2-| 
E|-------------------|                             E|-3-----| 

Listen to song for timing. 

Any questions about this tab or life in general 
email [email protected] 

If anyone has bass tab for The Long Run by the Eagles 
or any old Motown bass lines please send. 

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