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From: Mike 
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 12:20:25 GMT+0000

Strange Meeting II (written by Nick Drake)
album: Time of No Reply

Am   Asus4/F#   Asus4/F   E   E   E   E

Am     Asus4/F#    Asus4/F      E        Am    Asus4/F#   Asus4/F   E
  Deep down in the depths of forgotten dreams,

Am       Asus4/F#    Asus4/F    E     Am    Asus4/F#   Am   Am
  So far away          so long ago it seems,

C            C         G        G
  The memory comes of a distant beach,

F           F          Esus4    E
  Pale sand stretching far from reach,

         Am          Asus4/F# Asus4/F  E        Am    Asus4/F#
  It was then that I found my princess  of the sand.

E   E   E   E

As I traced the foam, pebbles beneath my feet,
I looked behind, I saw this one so sweet,
She came to me and I saw in her eyes,
The heavy toll of a thousand sighs,
I called her my princess of the sand.

She stared at me and my mind was in a maze,
As we moved along in a summer sea-dream haze,
She moved her mouth but there came no sound,
The message she brought can never be found,
But I called her my princess of the sand.

One moment we walked with the night breeze in our face,
Then I looked, she'd gone, of her presence there was no trace
Where she went or came from who can know,
Or if she'll ever return to help me know,
Who she is, my princess of the sand.

Sometime when the summer nights come back,
I'll go back to the sea, follow that sandy track,
I'll look around, hope to find
That strange young dream, close behind,
                                  Am   Am(add B)
I'll call her my princess of the sand.

Am: x02210   Asus4/F#: 202230   Asus4/F:   102230
E:  022100   C:        x32010   G:         320003
F:  133211   Esus4:    022200   Am(add B): 577500

  Mike H.

[email protected]

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